A complex duty involving several integral factors which essentially interact in the conception of each room.

A complex duty involving several integral factors which essentially interact in the conception of each room.
In order to maintain acoustic integrity throughout the project, the functionality of every room requires a responsible study of its intended uses, space planning, distribution, and functionality.
The interior design defines the aesthetics of a room. A comfortable and inspirational environment can contribute to great artistic performances.
We use prediction and proprietary calculation software specific to determining room acoustics.
Room dimensions, speaker placement, reflections traces, acoustic treatment, and reverberation time values can be easily obtained and modified to get the desired acoustic response.
Malvicino Design Group faces every project considering all the variables that affect the end result and can provide different options to satisfy the requirements within each set of particulars


Accurate equipment selection and integration brings flexibility and a fast-operation, easy-to-use environment for the end user.
Our system integration services include:
  • Equipment Selection, Acquisitions and Purchasing
  • Placement and Interface Design
  • Wiring and Installation
  • System Configuration, Checking and Testing
We provide detailed system design documentation for future reference:
  • General Specifications
  • Block Diagrams
  • Connecting Diagrams
  • Cable And Connector Lists
  • Equipment Placement
  • Custom Modifications Drawings
  • Technical Manual


We design and manufacture custom audio/video cabling systems for professional audio, broadcast and multi-purpose.

Malvicino Design Group can provide AV system design and integration according to each facility's requirements.

With more than +250 completed global facilities, we possess the expertise to manifest an unparalleled design for each specific application.

Our extensive array of custom made products range from:
  • Multicolor Microphone Cables and Snakes
  • Prewired Patchbay Systems with
  • Interconnecting Cables & Custom Harnesses
  • Audio and Video Termination Boxes
  • Stage Boxes
  • XLR Microphone Splitters


For every project, we focus on accurate acoustical measurements to help determine the behavior of a room.
Each extensive and detailed study of the room will generate:
  • RT60 Values and Curves
  • Reverberation Decay
  • Modal Resonances, Reflections
  • Time Delay
  • Phase
  • Diffusion Characteristics
  • Spectra Graphs
  • Background Noise Level

Another critical element in the audio path is the monitoring system.
Nothing is overlooked, since every little misalignment in reproduction, in respect to the original audio program, will be reflected in the final result.
All measurements, specs, procedures, graphs, tables and curves obtained on site are part of the final report.

We will provide a specific section of conclusions and recommendations about acoustical performance and complaisance for the application and intended uses.


With over a decade of experience we possesses the expertise to assist our clients with finding a solution that meets your technical requirements and budget needs.
Our design team will work with you to design, engineer and implement a fully-integrated technology solution that allows to effectively communicate and present to your audience.
We invest heavily in the ongoing training and education of our team members to ensure they stay up-to-date in the latest technology, techniques and practices in the market.
Our staff of experts is backed by many years of experience in system design and custom installations for a wide variety of projects.

Our range of video solutions include:
  • Projection and Video Display
  • Customized High Definition Systems
  • Audio Systems and Sound Reinforcement
  • Broadcasting and Web Streaming
  • Control Systems
  • Video Teleconferencing Systems
  • Digital Signage
We have worked worldwide on projects of all types - from integration of state-of-the art high definition systems at large halls and campuses, to screens and projection systems for smaller audiences. We'd love to work with you to find the appropriate system for your needs.