Malvicino Design Group

is a design and consulting firm specializing in innovative architectural, acoustical, and technical systems design.

We possess the credentials, with nearly three decades of experience in the corporate, broadcast, multimedia, entertainment, and consumer industries and markets.

Over the years, we have established industry trust with a solid reputation for creative yet practical designs, integrated with solid engineering and close interaction with our clients.

We understand art and technology as a whole. Our accomplished background in architectural, acoustical, electrical, and mechanical engineering, as well as music, recording engineering, and studio business allows for a unique approach to each project with a different view from start to finish.

We set high standards by offering a new approach to the conventional "turn-key" services. We coordinate all variables in the success equation within a single working team.

We believe that each project is unique, and with this commitment we approach the challenge to achieve designs that are not only technologically innovative, but also economically practical. Our specialized training, engineering objectivity, and dedication allow for an unparalleled approach to serve our customers best interests.

We are committed to active participation in technical and professional societies, industry-related events, and the advancement of technology.

We place the utmost importance in the initial project planning stages to define the intended uses and parameters of each and every facility we create. We are prepared to accommodate the ever-changing advances and challenges in digital technology by designing facilities that will endure and evolve for multiple future uses.

We believe that artistic performances should be matched by sensitive technical design. The facilities we design are the vital tools our clients use to make a living.

Our goal is to get the most out of the available space for its intended purposes by creating technically effective facilities exhibiting outstanding acoustical response.